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The Long Shots

Long Shots Trophie


MCA and Pinnacle LS Book Front Cover .png

This middle-grade chapter book is about bugs, bullying, and basketball.


When a cataclysmic fog ravages a thriving basement bug-utopia, a family of ten newly-hatched orphaned bugs must survive overwhelming social and emo-tional challenges to become basketball superstars.


Koko and his cousins are the  Long Shots, the girls and boys basketball teams. They are not superheroes with superpowers. They’re underdogs experiencing the everyday ups and downs of typical school-age children in the bug world.

Koko is an acronym for “Keep on Keepin’ On!”


Koko and his cousins represent perseverance--Never, ever, give up! These lovable characters will become—“The Only Bugs You’ll Wanna’ Hug!!!”

Author, Dr. Clara Denise West birthed this project as a result of her then 8-year-old daughter attempting suicide due to peer bullying. Her goal is to use Social and Emotional Learning to end bullying and save lives.


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Don't Bug Me Front Cover.jpg

Hardcover Picture Books for Early Readers

Bugs. Bullying. Basketball.

“Don’t Bug Me!” teaches children who are being bullied, or witness others being being bullied, how to use the power of their voice when someone has said or done hurtful things to them. 

Gift of Respect front book cover.png

“The Gift of Respect” is one of the most important social skills a child will ever learn. Respect revolves around "treat others the way you want to be treated." Respect is the Gift you give others that almost always comes back to you! 

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