Golden Rule




Bullying among children in the target market is a serious global problem that is rampant, widespread and pervasive with negative effects. Our goals are to produce an animated TV series  and feature films to reach 5- to 9-year-olds with positive messages and model problem-solving, coping, decision-making, and self-regulation skills before bullying and group exclusion lead to thoughts of suicide or violence.  It's about saving lives!

Our objective is to shine a light on the truth and create the means to explore it, expose it, and liberate all children to become more powerful in their choices.



The Koko and Friends Project began as a personal journey to help my then eight year-old daughter after a suicide attempt due to peer bullying.  No parent wants to accept that their child is being bullied. No parent wants the stigma associated with their child attempting suicide. Far worse, no parent wants to bury their child!
​It’s not the natural order of life.

Why Bugs?

We chose bugs because many children don't like them, yet they know little about their positive qualities. Bugs are survivors that thrive in unfriendly environments.
Koko and his cousins are not superheroes with superpowers. They are lovable underdogs trying to find their place among their peers. Their adventures resonate with today's children in the target age group. As such, they make an emotional connection with the lovable, fun-loving, and friendly Koko and Friends core characters.

Bugs, family, and basketball...

Using animated bug characters, the game of basketball, and inter-generational family relationships, Koko and Friends products and programs impart important life lessons, model character traits based on The Golden Rule, and deliver timeless truths to help children act, interact, and react appropriately to real life challenges.
​Koko and Friends songs reinforce the messages of the stories.