The Only Bugs

You'll Wanna' Hug!


"Keep On Keeping On!"

Our mission is to use

Koko and Friends true-to-life storylines  

 and the CASEL social and emotional learning framework, within the context of family and community, to eradicate anti-social behaviors and mindsets among youth (ages 5 to 10) that lead to bullying and peer-group exclusion. 


Walking in honesty, truthfulness, and respectful all the time. It’s doing what’s right—even when you think no one is looking.

"If you start right,

and stay right,

you'll end right!"

Grandpa Jack

Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and feel what they think or feel. 

Walking in someone’s uncomfortable shoes and doing whatever you can to end their pain and suffering.

When everyone gets what they need or deserve based on factors such as age and circumstance.



A family of precocious grade school bugs confronts bullying and the stigmas of being from “the wrong side of the tracks” while pursuing their dreams of becoming all-star basketball players. 


The main characters: Koko, Kookie, Preacher, Sugar, Lucky, Kandi, Triple Point, Tea, Stringbean, and Grace were orphaned as eggs after their parents succumbed to "The Fog" from a "bug bomb" set off in the laundry room where they live as they are being raised and coached by their grandfather, Grandpa Jack and aunt, Coach Lovelady.


Koko is an acronym for “Keep On Keeping On!” Through our TV series, feature films, and books,  social and emotional learning takes place via true-to-life storylines that capture the adventures of Koko and his family as they face and overcome life challenges as they pursue their "all-star" dreams .

Born to Play

Destined to Win

Koko and his cousins hatching from their eggs. Eager to pursue their destiny, they set out on an adventure, riddled with intrigue and danger, in search of other teams to play.


They encounter spiders that want to eat them, ants who try to beat them, ladybugs that are rude, silverfish that think they are crude, and skateboarding flies that pellet them with breadcrumbs! All because they live under the water heater in the laundry room. 

Born to Play-coverMin.jpg

Friends? Oh, Really!

The boys meet Too Cool and his crew, who also live under the water heater. When Koko wants to be friends with them, they lure Koko to a party. Too Cool offers them ‘cool’ juice. Koko’s cousins leave but he stays. Realizing he’s in the wrong place, he makes a hasty departure and catches up with his cousins.


The boys learn the difference between being friendly and being friends. They also learn an important lesson: “Walk away when you see Trouble coming.”



Professor Emeritus,

University of California,

Santa  Cruz, CA

Through Koko and Friends products and programs, children can learn that there is nothing funny about name-calling, bullying, or ridiculing other children. The characters, like children, occasionally make bad decisions, yet they are taught to learn from their mistakes.


Chief Deputy,

U.S. Marshal (Ret.),

Washington, D.C.

The Koko and Friends characters appeal to children of diverse cultures and backgrounds. The realistic issues in the storylines deal with topics important to children's character development. The lyrics to the Koko and Friends songs speak to social and personal issues that children encounter every day. As a retired law enforcement officer, I am proud to endorse the Koko and Friends Project.


Founder of E-Myth Worldwide,

NY Times Best-selling Author,

Carlsbad, CA

I ... have personal knowledge of how [Koko and Friends]  will impact not only the target market but society as a whole. I am greatly impressed by their efforts and enthusiasm in approaching the challenges that they face in addressing this national crisis. I have every faith that they will make this project extremely successful given the proper support, endorsements, and visibility.